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#1 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 17. Mai 2003, 23:33

Eingefügtes Bild

buffalo'66, den es immer noch als das meisterwerk zu entdecken gilt, dass er zweifellos darstellt, erweckte höchste erwartungen in die zukunft von vincent gallo als regisseur und drehbuchautor (das er ein genialer schauspieler und musiker ist, hat er längst bewiesen)...die ersten details zeigen, dass er zumindest in der vorbereitungsphase ganze arbeit geleistet hat:

chloe sevigny als love interest, john frusciante auf dem soundtrack und dialoge, wie sie eben nur vincent gallo schreiben kann.


er ist der einzige, dem ich derzeit zutrauen würde, p.t. anderson zu übertreffen...und gönnen würde ich es ihm allemal.

#2 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 15. Juni 2003, 22:26

Eingefügtes BildEingefügtes Bild

#3 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 03. August 2004, 15:04

Eingefügtes Bild


#4 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 28. August 2004, 01:03

On 31 July 2004 a billboard for the film was put up on Sunset Blvd. It depicted the infamous fellatio scene, cut off and blurred. Due to limited (but vocal) community outcry, the billboard was taken down on August 5. (imdb)


die neuen poster sind auch klasse:

#5 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 10. September 2004, 17:28

Gallo Upset Over Poster Controversy

Movie star Vincent Gallo is upset his controversial poster for new movie The Brown Bunny has been stripped down from its Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, billboard - because he thought it was "beautiful." The huge promotional poster, which depicted a scene near the end of the picture in which Gallo's character has oral sex performed on him by Chloe Sevigny's character, was deemed offensive by many complaining motorists. Gallo, who also directed the controversial film, says, "I'm extremely disappointed. I just wanted to make what I thought would be the most beautiful billboard in the world. I used very extreme, bold composition and font and imagery because I felt that it related to the aesthetic sensibility of the film. Unfortunately, the billboard was reduced to something that it really wasn't."

quelle: imdb

"I met him at a screening last night. He was really nice, and talked a lot about the film. Someone asked him about a certain song used, and he said it was from a Twilight Zone episode he saw when he was four, and has loved ever since. He spent a year and a half looking through 11,000 university library systems for the reel of audio with the song on it, which had ben given away by the production company. It was never a full song in the episode, so he spliced together a working version from the outtakes on the old reel, which was destroyed in many spots. After all that, he said it took a long time to convince the woman who owned the licensing rights to these fragments to let him use the song. I thought that was very inspiring, how much work he put into something that would be in the movie for maybe a minute and a half."

quelle: yankeeracers-board (nicht unbedingt die verlässlichste quelle, aber wahrscheinlich scheint es mir dennoch.)

#6 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 10. September 2004, 18:55

Gallo's Humor

Published: August 22, 2004

Q Your new film, ''The Brown Bunny,'' which you directed, wrote and starred in, is basically an art-house road movie that ends with a singularly raw and controversial sex scene between you and Chloe Sevigny. Why did you choose to end the film that way?

It wasn't like the choice of the mustache on Robert Redford in ''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'' -- should he wear it or not?

But you took this scene and blew it up on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

I made the billboard so that the film would appear to be a substantial event. One day the billboard is up, and five days later it's down. There is no reason and no return calls from the company. I'm so angry about it.

Free IQ Test

Who paid for the billboard?

I did. It cost $37,773. That is more money than I made from ''Buffalo '66'' and ''The Brown Bunny'' put together.

So where do you get your money from?

From my luck in purchasing things that turned out to be valuable in retrospect -- houses and land. I scrimp and scrounge, and I scrimp and scrounge.

But don't you live in that stylish new Richard Meier building by the West Side Highway in New York?

I own the place, but I don't live there. The problem I'm having is finding an emotional way to move out of my 300-square-foot apartment on Elizabeth Street that I've been in since I was 16. I've spent more time resurfacing, rearranging, cleaning and redecorating it than all the other work I've done in the world put together.

I think of you as a poet of loneliness, somewhat in the tradition of Edward Hopper. What do you think of his work?

When I was first exposed to Hopper, I was 16 years old. I got it. I understood it. But his work was not what I was looking at. To me, at that time, he didn't seem like a radical artist. But I'm a fan now.

Do you find America lonelier than Europe?

I find Europe the loneliest place in the world. To leave the cities in Europe and move toward the suburbs or the countryside is the most dark, dank, sad, drunken, cheese-riddled, depressing thing in the world.

Why aren't you married?

Intimacy always creates an urge in me that I am missing out on something.

You are. You are missing out on isolation. Do you cultivate isolation for your art?

I don't think in terms of art. I think in terms of getting things done, fixed, cleaned, finished, arranged. I am more of a custodian.

You were fairly accomplished as a figurative painter in New York when you decided to give it up.

I felt I was doing work without purpose.

What purpose does film have?

It has a general purpose. Entertainment. I like to entertain, even though it is me, myself and I who I am entertaining. When I was doing artwork, I was not entertaining myself.

I know you are fond of our president.

I relate to him in that he has become easily unlikable. In a perfect world, John Kerry would own a restaurant in Connecticut.

And Teresa?

It just makes you wonder how the money ends up in certain places.

Have you met Bush?

I've met his daughter, Barbara. Zac Posen, the designer, invited me to his show and said he would seat me next to the Bush girl because I'm a Republican.

Why are you a Republican?

If we were going to see a show of Dennis Hopper's photographs, do you think Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton would be more sensitive to the work? I see Nixon as an intellectual. I consider Bill Clinton a huckster.

There are so few right-wing actors like yourself, now that the generation of John Wayne has died off.

I agree with you. It is not an interesting group. But I would rather have dinner with Newt or Dick Armey than with Bruce Springsteen.

Perhaps you can speak at the Republican convention.

I would like to. They haven't invited me yet.

#7 StephenDedalus

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Geschrieben 06. Juli 2007, 17:39

noch mehr kurioses über den soundtrack:


Jeff Alexander wrote the song “Come Wander” for use in an episode of the Twlight Zone in 1964. The song is stunningly beautiful and somewhat haunting, I’ve had it floating in and out of my head all week. I think it’s about as close to perfection as a song can get. Bonnie Beecher, the real girl from North County, ran with Dylan for a time but is primarily remembered as an actress. What many don’t realize is that she recorded with Bob Dylan early in 1961 and a bootleg exists of their recordings.

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